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Krystal Kleer is your BEST choice for point-of-use water purification in New England. We were the very first in the northeast to introduce and offer this type of system on a grand scale back in November of 1999 (see our story here).

No one does water better!
We are an exclusive WaterLogic/Innowave distributor…..providing a GREEN solution to bottled water with the purest, safest, and most cost-effective drinking water solutions to our clients in CT, MA, RI, and Upstate New York.

If your company is looking to support the GREEN initiative and get rid of expensive, cumbersome, not-so-pure bottles, please consider going with the company that started it all in 1999...Krystal Kleer! More experience, installations, product knowledge and satisfied customers than any other company in New England. No one does water better!

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